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[Freedombox-discuss] Call to Participate


The FreedomBox Foundation is just at the beginning of our efforts to
collaborate with a worldwide community.  We need to speak to
everybody, everywhere, in their native language.  That's why we're
building translation into the project from the beginning.

Today we are forming an internationalization team.  If you are
interested in helping us free this project from a monolingual prison,
email me.  We'll organize language-based groups to translate text and
transcribe audio.  We'll facilitate communication among those groups
for as much consistency as possible.

People from several countries (most notably Germany) have volunteered
to translate, and we need to develop a way to do translation
systematically.  We also need many more people with more language
skills, including English.

So email the FreedomBox Foundation at <join at freedomboxfoundation.org>.
Tell us what languages you can help with.  We'll put together teams.

Thanks much,
James and Ian

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