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[Freedombox-discuss] Missing tech (was: towards a business plan)


On 18:22 Sun 06 Mar     , Luka Mar??eti?? wrote:
> So while some things may be solvable with existing tech such as
> VPN-tunneling, the things we lack right now, things that cannot be
> glued in due to missing packets are:
>  * Mesh networking - I've suggested packaging netsukuku, but as
> pro-embedding crew pointed out, a much more lightweight equivalent
> is desirable, if indeed such an alternative exists.

Do we sack this? There is some IP based stuff available and I am programming
a prococol on layer 3+4 with qos/credits, onion routing and some other things.

> As for onion routing, I2P isn't "Debian", but GNUNet is and I think
> it supports o.r.. It also solves non-internet web pages, distributed
> messaging and loads of other problems.

GNUNet does not do onion routing. It is "broadcast everywhere and see where we
get responses routing". The source is hidden, because you do not know whether
the data originated at a certain node or was forwarded. But AFAIK, the
destination is not always hidden.

programing a layer 3+4 network protocol for mesh networks
see http://michaelblizek.twilightparadox.com

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