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[Freedombox-discuss] towards a business plan

Le dimanche 06 mars 2011 ? 12:46 +0100, Jonas Smedegaard a ?crit :
> On Sat, Mar 05, 2011 at 07:15:18PM -0800, Thomas Lord wrote:
> >Step 1:
> >
> >Let's pick 5 apps.   I suggest email mailbox hosting, chat,
> >instant messaging, blogging and FB-ish "walls".
> What is the difference between "chat" and "instant messaging"?
> If first one is realtime voice chat, I suggest calling it telephony to 
> avoid misunderstanding.
> And I suggest to aim even lower that for first iterations.  Not because 
> any of them are weak as selling points, but because not all of them 
> really exist yet (or are prepackaged in Debian, if that matters yo you).

Nowadays, there is no more such difference between Instant Messaging,
Voice/video Chat and Telephony. It all converges. 

One issue is there is 2 free (as in speech) protocols: XMPP and SIP. 

Personnaly, I would prefer SIP because it has a focus on telephony
features, stong backup by hardware vendors for real telephony and allow
to call "real" phones too. The downside is the complexity of the
specification and interoperability issues. 

Make no mistake, SIP do support Instant Messaging too:

Another issue is to get a real world wide adress book. The best I know
is ENUM, still with no real backup by governements yet, but there is a
community around it ; see
If the project is willing to replace DNS, I think it should include ENUM
as part of it.

Last but not least issue is the "NAT" issue. But this one is something
that would include most of the services provided by the freedombox: each
freedombox will need a public adress to allow real peer to peer
connection. I would recommend using IPv6 from the start and drop any
form of NAT. This would ease a structure where any freedombox could be a
real server and client.

On the topic of SIP, having a real peer to peer achitecture is the
subject of this effort for a standard: http://www.p2psip.org/

Finally, I would say we do not have the source code yet implementing all
of that, but we do have some good clients here and there wich will need
more love...

Best regards,

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