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[Freedombox-discuss] http://www.cs.cornell.edu/people/egs/beehive/index.php

looking at the list of projects there, it would appear that cornell
university have solved three really rather challenging technical
problems, each of which may prove to be very important to helping the
freedombox actually fulfil its goals.  properly.  i can think of some
immeeediate veery useful ways in which this corona can be put, that
would mirror twitter and/or facebook, for example.  apart from
anything: beehive itself looks like a wicked basis on which to create
alternative resilient distributed services.


We have used Beehive to build three infrastructure services: a
replacement for the domain name service called CoDoNS, an open-access
content distribution network called CobWeb, and a publish-subscribe
system called CorONA for disseminating Web MicroNews. All these
services are currently deployed on Planet-Lab.
-> Beehive 	Overview of Beehive.
-> CoDoNS 	A new name service for the Internet.
-> CobWeb 	An open access content distribution network.
-> CorONA 	A high-performance publish-subscribe system for Web micronews (RSS).

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