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[Freedombox-discuss] Third Sunday Hackfest tomorrow

Let's do another hackfest tomorrow! :)

Speaking for myself, there's been so much activity on the mailing list this
week that i think my hackfest-activity for tomorrow could be just 6 hours of
mailing list reading. ;) Although maybe I will just pick one of the
foundation's seven goals, and focus just on that one, that sounds a bit more
manageable. i have also decided i want to learn more about debian packaging,
and experiment with that.

In general, i think the goal in our hackfest could be identifying existing
debian packages that we want to put onto the freedombox, and identifying how
we want to pre-configure each of them. This in contrast to thinking about
things that are not currently possible with existing debian packages.

Hope to see you tomorrow! Time, same as last week:

Amsterdam: 6pm-12midnight
> London: 5pm-11pm
> New York: 12noon - 6pm
> San Francisco: 9am - 3pm

 Place same as last week too: the #freedombox IRC channel on OFTC. Hope to
see you there!

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