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[Freedombox-discuss] Storage and crypto performance on the kirkwood platform

Hello all,

I did some benchmarking yesterday on my ARM platform yesterday. It's a QNAP
T-219P, now running Squeeze. Performance had seemed a little sluggish so I
did some bench marking. This covers off ext3 and 4 as well as ext4 on a luks
volume. All are on LVM and then md, so plenty of layers there :). Benchmarks
done with bonnie++

the results. Of particular interest to me was how slow the crypto engine
appears to be. The benefit of the crypto engine is that the CPU isn't doing
the work.

I did try to see if I could get OpenSSL to hook into the crypto engine but
failed - cryptodev/devcrypto seemed to be the only way of doing it and that
isn't in squeeze and doesn't appear to be actively developed. I might have a
play around with it some more.

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