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[Freedombox-discuss] Eben Moglen: Por qué la libertad política depende de la libertad del software más que nunca

2011/3/3 Nicol?s Reynolds <fauno at kiwwwi.com.ar>:
> = Por qu? la libertad pol?tica depende de la libertad del software m?s que
> nunca
> Un discurso de Eben Moglen en la conferencia FOSDEM 2011, Bruselas, 5 de
> Febrero, 2011
> http://endefensadelsl.org/why_political_liberty.html

Thanks for the translation! -- I've added a link (next to the link to
the English transcription) here:

As people (and by people, we mostly mean Eben Moglen) continue to give
talks and presentations about the FreedomBox, this section might grow
too large for the front FreedomBox page. I assume that the Debian wiki
names subpage using "/"s, so we could start by factoring the section
out to separate page, perhaps leaving just a few "Greatest Hits" links
to video and text transcripts on the front page to give visitors a
quick "flavor" of the project.

Having an extensive library of all of the media and transcripts is a
valuable resource for promoting the project and providing background
for any journalists interested in writing a blurb or article about the
project. It could be really slick if we could factor this information
out further into separate pages and then provide some of it as
structured data (again, I'm not sure what MoinMoin provides there)
that we could pull together into a nice display table that includes
links to video, audio, transcripts, date, venue, etc.


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