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[Freedombox-discuss] Freedom Box UUCP?

On 11-03-01 10:16 PM, Anthony Papillion wrote:
> Like most people. I haven't used UUCP for years. But I've been thinking
> about ways it might be used within the Freedom Box project and, to a
> large degree, it makes sense. Specifically, UUCP works very well in
> place where there isn't an Internet connection and can be configured for
> email and file exchange.
> What are your thoughts on using UUCP within Freedom Box?
UUCP might be a reasonable choice for communication between two nodes 
that both happen to support it. However, as anything else, it would be a 
huge step backward.

Using UUCP as anything other than a single hop protocol would cause all 
sorts of confusion, not least because of bang paths. The fact that UUCP 
requires specifying every hop from source to destination would be 
unpleasant in the face of rapidly (for some value of rapidly) changing 

Of course, figuring a way to route messages through the mesh without 
user knowledge of the path is a problem that needs to be solved and that 
is not an easy problem.

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