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[Freedombox-discuss] Freedom Box UUCP?

Absolutely yes to store and forward but I don't think
that the UUCP protocols are necessarily all that important
(or up to snuff).  Where they work they work and that's
great but building explicit dependencies on UUCP is
tying ourselves in knots.

We ought to think more in terms of basic data structures
(e.g,. Mailbox format of mime messages or whatever) and
semantics (addressability, reliability, timing, etc.) --
and have a kind of overlay "API" conception over those
things -- which can then be implemented by whatever 
ad hoc protocols are available underneath.

I'm not sure quite yet how to express this precisely
but we need to think of this in layers and build 
"freedombox-portable apps" a little bit higher level
than specific protocols like UUCP.


On Tue, 2011-03-01 at 23:16 -0600, Anthony Papillion wrote:
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> Like most people. I haven't used UUCP for years. But I've been thinking
> about ways it might be used within the Freedom Box project and, to a
> large degree, it makes sense. Specifically, UUCP works very well in
> place where there isn't an Internet connection and can be configured for
> email and file exchange.
> What are your thoughts on using UUCP within Freedom Box?
> Anthony
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