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[Freedombox-discuss] Promoting Freedom Box

El 28/02/11 05:42, Patrick Anderson dijo:
> Paul Gardner-Stephen wrote:
> > How about a black cube, turned slightly to one side, with "FreedomBox"
> > written on it, surrounded at the base by a mess of broken chain?
> That makes sense - just show the 'result'.
> This makes me wonder what caused the
> chains to break...
> Now I'm thinking of the cube as though it
> were the community of people that have
> been made free.
> The cube is the network of emancipated
> users which has broken the chains because
> they, the users, have finally discovered how
> to grow (scale in size) while somehow
> avoiding the typical pitfalls of Capitalism.
> Hmm...  I really like the idea of chains, and
> do not want to replace them, but would
> like to somehow also represent the cable,
> satellites, optic fibers, etc. that currently
> hold us down - not to show a destruction of
> those things (no violence) - but to show that
> those things somehow being overcome by
> our ability to organize as users.

chains made of optic fiber?

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