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[Freedombox-discuss] Promoting Freedom Box

Paul Gardner-Stephen wrote:
> How about a black cube, turned slightly to one side, with "FreedomBox"
> written on it, surrounded at the base by a mess of broken chain?

That makes sense - just show the 'result'.

This makes me wonder what caused the
chains to break...

Now I'm thinking of the cube as though it
were the community of people that have
been made free.

The cube is the network of emancipated
users which has broken the chains because
they, the users, have finally discovered how
to grow (scale in size) while somehow
avoiding the typical pitfalls of Capitalism.

Hmm...  I really like the idea of chains, and
do not want to replace them, but would
like to somehow also represent the cable,
satellites, optic fibers, etc. that currently
hold us down - not to show a destruction of
those things (no violence) - but to show that
those things somehow being overcome by
our ability to organize as users.

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