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[Freedombox-discuss] Addressing

2010/9/2 Bjarni R?nar Einarsson <bre at beanstalks-project.net>:
> Although I think it would be great if Freedom Boxes came preconfigured and
> able to use Tor, I do think that if whatever gets built ends up being
> incompatible with normal web browsers and e-mail clients, then it will never
> get any traction and will never achieve its goals.? If I can only connect
> and communicate with other Freedom Box users, then there is no reason to buy
> such a box in the first place. Chicken and egg.? We have to be "backwards
> compatible" with the "normal Internet".

Personally, I think that for the most part, I'd expect, from home, to
be accessing the front end without it connecting over TOR and only be
using TOR when I'm outside of home - essentially, only using it from
untrusted locations - essentially what I'd use TOR Hidden Services for
on the whole.

Jon "The Nice Guy" Spriggs

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