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[Freedombox-discuss] Addressing

With my dayjob hat on...

* Bjarni R?nar Einarsson <bre at beanstalks-project.net> [2010:09:02 16:58 +0000]: 
> Although I think it would be great if Freedom Boxes came preconfigured and
> able to use Tor, I do think that if whatever gets built ends up being
> incompatible with normal web browsers and e-mail clients, then it will never
> get any traction and will never achieve its goals.  If I can only connect
> and communicate with other Freedom Box users, then there is no reason to buy
> such a box in the first place. Chicken and egg.  We have to be "backwards
> compatible" with the "normal Internet".

I'm just coming into the discussion, but as a developer for the Tor
project, I thought it might be worth mentioning that we are currently
working with both Google and Mozilla to improve the privacy and
integration of Torbutton with both Firefox and Chrome/Chromium. You can
read about some of that here:


And some progress on the Chrome plugin:

In other words, I don't think Tor will be a blocker for using the
"normal Internet" with normal web browsers, but I'm happy to discuss its
implementation in something like this.

Erinn (erinn at torproject.org)
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