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Bug#929128: fonts-noto-cjk: not recognized by lualatex until mktexlsr

Am 26.05.2019 um 03:52 teilte Ryutaroh Matsumoto mit:


You are right. The way to reproduce this issue (not related to mktexlsr)
(1) Install texlive-full and fonts-noto-cjk from experimental.
(2) Run lualatex with the below LaTeX source and have error
"Package fontspec Error: The font "NotoSerifCJKJPLight" cannot be found."
(3) Installation of fonts-noto-cjk-extra fixes the issue even though
no font from
    fonts-noto-cjk-extra is used. XeLaTeX (with \usepackage[noto]{zxjafont}) and
    uplatex (with \usepackage[unicode,noto-otc]{pxchfon}) produce the desired
    PDF without fonts-noto-cjk-extra.

I'm able to process your file using lualatex right now. Then I tried to
process it using uplatex and xelatex and both did not work. I always get
messages like

! Undefined control sequence.
l.46 \directlua
               {require('ltj-unicode-ccfix.lua')}% catcode of ideographs

I guess the document class needs luatex. ;-)

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