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Bug#929128: fonts-noto-cjk: not recognized by lualatex until mktexlsr

Am 27.05.2019 um 04:09 teilte Ryutaroh Matsumoto mit:


thanks for your interest and comment. It is (in my opinion) a
well-known issue among Japanese LuaLaTeX users, and I can show a
even worse example (for your fun), which needs 6 GB of real RAM and
10 minutes to compile three lines, in the first time you process a
CJK tex source as below :-)

OK, after re-configuring my VM (put more RAM into it) and stopping a RAM
eating process I was able to compile your document. I guess your comment in


is completely valid. The font needed by the document is
"NotoSerifCJKJPLight" and this font is provided by fonts-noto-cjk-extra,
not by fonts-noto-cjk. I just checked the package from experimental.

root@sid:~# dpkg -L fonts-noto-cjk|grep opentype
root@sid:~# dpkg -L fonts-noto-cjk-extra|grep opentype

Once lualatex complies it, the same file is compiled
in much shorter time and much smaller memory.
(So one needs "rm -rf ~/.texlive201?" to see long compilation time.)


I am a bit reluctant to file the above issue to
texlive-lang-japanese (or texlive-luatex??) because
it does not seem a packaging problem by the Debian TeX team and
they tell us in "reportbug" that

Yes, I'm aware that our reportbug scripts tell this. The reason is that
the Debian TeX team is currently quite small (just Norbert and me) and
we have to push as much as possible work back to the submitter. However
I'm willing to submit and track serious upstream bugs if I have time.

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