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Re: fonts review wishlish

On Wed, Feb 28, 2018 at 7:41 PM, Nicolas Spalinger wrote:

> For a specimen tool, can I suggest ftnsample, fret (libfont-ttf-scripts-perl), https://github.com/graphicore/specimenTools or similar ?

I suggest we use all of the available specimen tools (including
fontimage), folks can look at each of them to get better ideas about
the font. Personally I like the one tarzeau came up with using
imagemagick, but that is only suitable for very small samples of the

> One of the key features of the old review system was finding duplicate fonts.

IIRC that was based on MD5. I agree we should use a hash as one of the
keys for our storage, mainly to avoid processing the same font in
multiple packages multiple times.

> Can I encourage you to look at pyfontaine https://pypi.python.org/pypi/fontaine/

This would need to be packaged.

> Reports from FontValidator would be useful too: https://github.com/HinTak/Font-Validator

I had high hopes for getting this packaged, but the new person who
took over from Microsoft has weird ideas about how to develop
software, so I gave up on this. I sent them some feedback anyway,
which they published here:


> Flagging where the Os/2 fsType is wrong (font embedding)

I wonder if we should add this to lintian?

> Reports from OTS errors are good: https://github.com/khaledhosny/ots

This needs packaging too.



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