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Re: Bug#892370: Aerial Bold chosen when it should not be

Hi guys,

Am Sonntag, den 11.03.2018, 21:05 +0530 schrieb Vasudev Kamath:
> Mean while any one else from fonts team have any idea on this issue?.
> Is it related to fontconfig configurations?

I don't think it is related to the fontconfig config file that we
patch/ship, but have a look at this:

 fc-match -a aerial | head -n 2
Aerial.ttf: "sans" "Regular"
AerialBd.ttf: "Aerial" "Bold"

The regular variant doesn't identify itself as "Aerial" but merely as
"sans", so the Bold variant is the first one known by the name

Looks like the regular font is broken. Anyway, didn't we decide earlier
in #872766 to drop this package from Debian altogether in favour of
fonts-liberation or fonts-croscore?

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