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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] location of woff files

Nicolas Spalinger wrote:
> BTW I do appreciate all the work you have done in this team :-)

Thank you very much! :)

> I would simply like to point out what the official W3C WOFF spec says in
> https://www.w3.org/TR/WOFF/

Thank you for sharing this! I wasn't even aware of the fact that WOFF
fonts are not meant to get exposed to general applications *by
specification*. This changes things a lot...

> Do we really expect every font to come with its own fontconfig snippet?

No. In the light of this new information, I changed my mind and believe we
should patch fontconfig (i.e. by adding a config snippet) to ignore fonts
in WOFF/WOFF2 format altogether. I'd rather prefer to do this based on the
actual fontformat property, but fontconfig seems to recognize WOFF files
as "TrueType" (at least on the system that I currently have access to).
Thus, we would have to filter out these fonts based on their file system
path (or does <glob>*.woff</glob> work?), which is a bit ugly, but should
be trivial to implement.

Until this is done, I'd prefer if we could refrain from packaging WOFF
fonts at all.

The actual change should be a simple patch against the fontconfig package.
I am not sure, though, if this will qualify as a last-minute freeze
breaking change? NB: the fontconfig package seeme to be maintained by NMUs
most recently, maybe we should kindly ask to adopt it for the pkg-fonts


 - Fabian

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