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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] location of woff files

Hi Nicolas,

Nicolas Spalinger wrote:
> I'm interested in knowing more about fontconfig-using server apps.

I was never talking about server apps, I was talking about non-desktop apps.

> Do you have use-cases and specific examples? A few of the many
> applications you refer to?

I have given two examples, cups-filters and XeTex, neither of both is
restricted to server or desktop usage. One does it right ("fontconfig,
give me a list of fonts that match my pattern, I will iterate through this
list and pick the one that fits best") and the other one does not.

I am sure there are more not-only-desktop and not-only-server apps that
use fontconfig in some way [*]. At least, there is nothing that speaks
against using fontconfig on one system or the other.

> How many desktop apps do you know that support WOFF?

How is that even relevant?

I am a bit confused by the way you apparently try to defend XeTeX's
fragile usage of fontconfig by stating that fontconfig should be
restricted to desktop usage, whereas XeTeX itself isn't restricted to that
in any way?



[*] might be possible to query UDD to select packages that have a
dependency on libfontconfig1 but none on libx11-6, not even through
packages they depend on)

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