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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] Update for fonts-sil-annapurna

Bobby de Vos wrote:
> in /etc/fonts/conf.avail/71-woff-annapurna.conf. I suspect the path
> should be /etc/fonts/conf.d/, but the intent is the same.

conf.avail is meant to contain all available configuration snippets,
whether enabled or not - they are then symlinked into conf.d on purpose.

Regarding the purpose of this fontconfig snipped, I disagree. There was a
lengthy debate on this list not so long ago about whether fontconfig
should expose fonts in all available formats (e.g. WOFF) to its users and
let them take care if they support the returned format or if fontconfig
should restrict itself to common formats for "desktop" usage (although
there are already examples given of packages that use fontconfig but are
in no way restricted to either desktop or server usage).

The initiation of this debate was, btw, a package that already has its
WOFF variant installed into a fontconfig-aware location, so if there is
any harm in this, it is already done and I don't think that
fonts-sil-annapurna should necessarily be the first package to revert
this. ;)


 - Fabian

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