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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#862276: fonts-noto-cjk: I recommend spliting fonts-noto-cjk to make it become targeted and flexible

> Please note that "the effort" only involves picking the fonts to package 
> - the separation into regions is done already upstream.  According to 
> their chart (which we may not agree with) the location-specific fonts 
> are recommended for Linux: http://www.google.com/get/noto/help/cjk/

You are right, this is actually the case.
I didn't check on Google's font page before, I just wanted to point out there
may be cases where splitting the font up was not an ideal solution.

> The size can be reduce if we use region specific fonts and not all
> regions are installed. For example:
> * NotoSansCJK-Regular.ttc 18 M
> * NotoSansJP-Regular.otf 4.3 M
> * NotoSansKR-Regular.otf 4.4 M
> * NotoSansSC-Regular.otf 8 M
> * NotoSansTC-Regular.otf 5.4M
> If all regions are installed, the file size is actually larger than
> single font. I am not sure installing multi-regions font is a common
> case or not.

If all styles are installed, the total package size would be ~120MB for the
CJK fonts vs. ~30-60MB for each of the other languages.

Not a huge overhead, though I don't know if it would have any impact on
usability. Probably not.

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