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[Pkg-fonts-devel] fontforge packaging information

Hello Yamane San,

[Asking you this question since you did the last update to the repository
of fontforge.]

How is fontforge updated?. I see there is master and there debian/sid
branch. I remember long ago dkg synced fontforge from upstream repo but
I don't know if same is still followed. Also package lacks a
README.source file so now I'm wondering if we plan to update fontforge
how do we do it?.

Is the master branch is meant to be tracked from upstream repo and
debian/sid is actually debian packaging branch?.

[Since no one has updated the package for a while I plan to put my hand
into the worm jar ;-) but I won't promise anything on if I succeed to
clean it up or not]

PS: Kept Yamane san in Cc just to get his attention ;-).


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