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[Pkg-fonts-devel] Please add 2 new fonts to Debian


The Arphic (文鼎) company has released two fonts to the Community to the public in 2010, see

The new fonts are VERY important because it contain many more Chinese characters which did not appear in previously released fonts such as fonts-arphic-uming. Also, some "mis-writing" has been fixed.

The news can be found in www.arphic.com, with the language of Trad. Chinese chosen.

We are Free and free to download it at
However, the page is written in Chinese. For convenience, I give the three links for downloading on the page hereby.

Arphic Public License Ming U20-T (arplmingu20lt)

Arphic Public License BaoSong2 GBK (arplbaosong2gbklt)

And the public License

I've tested that package "unrar-free" is able to extract files from the archives.

Its Pubic License is Copyleft, somehow similar to the GPL. and I think it meets the demands of DFSG.

I hope the two fonts can be added to official Debian package repository.

Sorry for broken English. I'm not a native speaker.


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