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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] fonts-georgewilliams brings up ugly ligatures

[cc-ing Elmar, as I don't know if he's subscribed to the list]

Hi Elmar,

thank you for reporting this.
Both (the ligatures and the overriding default system monospace font)
are known issues: see bugs #760826 and #760976.

I'm sorry I didn't noticed that while preparing the package!

I've already contacted upstream, because a fix from them would be
preferable. In case that wouldn't be possible, I'll just apply the fixes
on the Debian package soon.

@team: it seems to me that at least the change of name - in order to
avoid the overriding of the default monospace font - it's urgent-ish, as
it's screwing a bit with people's computers.
What do you think? Should I prepare an upload for that, or ask - as
suggested by Paul - upstream? I've already cc-ed upstream for the
ligatures bug (#760976) but I was waiting for more opinions about the
change of the name.


<taffit> when I want something done quickly,
I don't wait for others ;)

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