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[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#664789: Bug#664789: [Fontforge-devel] Segmentation Fault after Hitting 'a<Tab>' as Test Pattern in the Kerning Metrics Window

Am 20.03.2012 22:27, schrieb Daniel Kahn Gillmor:
Steps to repeat:

  From the menu, choose Window > New Metrics Window

In the field with the text to display, type any character and then the
Tab key (or press the tab key and then any other character).

I was also able to reproduce this.

The backtrace i get during the crash is:

#0  u_strncmp (str1=0x0, str2=0x87f6b90, n=0) at ustring.c:97
#1  0xb7baeb12 in GListField_NameCompletion (t=0x87f6930, from_tab=1)
     at gtextfield.c:3150

The problem seems to be that GListField_NameCompletion() dereferences ti[i]->text, which might be NULL. I have, however, no idea why this is so.

 - Fabian

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