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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] Unicode Font

Hi there.

On Jun 18 2012, Khaled Hosny wrote:
> You can switch fonts in LaTeX as you like, so I don't know what is the
> problem.

If I recall correctly, older versions of the TeX engine had a limitation (at
compile time, but my memory is fuzzy right now) in the number of fonts that
it could have open at a given moment.

I'm not really sure if this applies to modern TeX engines, though. Perhaps
Dirk would be willing to start using xe(la)tex instead?

This way, one can use, say, Linux Libertine + Biolinum + Inconsolata (or
Anonymous Pro) in the document. Or, if one wants a more traditional look,
then your XITS fonts would be a good bet.

BTW, Khaled, what do you think of having XITS being in Debian? As another
aside, whats the status of XITS right now, as compared to STIX 1.1? Did they
catch up with you, at least in non-right-to-left scripts?


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