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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] converting fontforge packaging repo to git

Quoting Vasudev Kamath (kamathvasudev@gmail.com):

> > After thinking about it for a couple days, i also think that my attempt
> > to merge the git-svn history with the upstream history at more than one
> > historical point was probably a bad idea (and i also implemented it
> > poorly).  So i think the right thing would be to take one more stab at a
> > filtered git-svn, merge it with upstream's repo just at the 20110222
> > release, and then work from there on a new snapshotted release.
> >
> > Does this seem reasonable?  If so, i'll take a stab at it over the next
> > few days, and publish a repo someplace useful.
> I really don't have clue on this. I think Christian can answer this question :)

A very little clue I have. So whatever you think is appropriate you

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