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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] converting fontforge packaging repo to git

Hi Vasudev--

On 01/28/2012 03:30 AM, Vasudev Kamath wrote:

> As I told I've just imported current version of fontforge package source
> into git repo here[1]
> Please review it and let me know this is what you wanted or something else.
> [1] https://gitorious.org/fontforge-deb/fontforge-deb

Hum, this looks like it's just two commits: one containing the upstream
tarball, and one containing the current changeset.  This includes
nothing of the history i was hoping to get, and it doesn't even seem to
build off of upstream's history either.

I'd like to see something that integrates and stores the history that we
do have available.

Sorry i haven't been able to work on this yet.  I'm trying to get my
head around the right way to do it, and i might just punt shortly and
throw up a link to a half-assed version that at least contains all the
revision history.

The bad news, as i trawl the various repos and compare them to the
actual released tarballs, is that fontforge release practice has been
sloppy at best.  of the tarballs that we've built from, very few of them
are a clean/direct mapping from the upstream revision control system.
there's almost always a bunch of (unnecessary, imho) fiddling that goes
on between upstream's vcs and their release.

The good news is that i think i see a way to short-circuit that, and
provide clean debian releases from the upstream VCS.

So if you can hang tight for another day or so, i hope to have something
to present that folks can pick apart.

apologies for the delay!


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