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[Pkg-fonts-devel] converting fontforge packaging repo to git (was: Re: fontforge: Crash on Expand Stroke)

[moving to pkg-fonts-devel for broader discussion]

On 01/21/2012 01:18 AM, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Quoting Daniel Kahn Gillmor (dkg@fifthhorseman.net):
>> if we were using git for packaging revision control, i'd be happy to
>> make an experimental snapshotted release from upstream's git, but i'm
>> not sure how to navigate svn to do that cleanly so that the results
>> would be usable in the future :/
> Anyone feeling like importing current SVN in git? I would be OK with
> this if that makes further work easier.

How much history do we want to try to save?  I could do a pretty
trivial/quick import of the current packaging directory into a branch on
top of upstream's git master if we don't mind losing our packaging
history.  So that's one option:

 0) don't import debian-packaging history, and build a new packaging
branch on top of upstream history.

However, i think the packaging history is nice and occasionally
instructive; it'd be nice to avoid losing it.

To keep the history, i see two methods:

 1) use git-svn to import the packaging history, and force-merge our
current head with upstream git where it matches, leaving divergent (but
co-existent) histories in the packaging repo.

 2) find some way to merge the current debian packaging history on top
of upstream's git, as branches descending from each upstream release tag.

0 is probably the quickest way to move to git;  1 i understand how to do
and would probably take a couple hours to get set up and published.  2
seems like the best from a data and history integrity perspective, but
(a) i don't know how to do it off the top of my head besides some manual
work (probably a git-svn import, plus a lot of cherry-picks, followed by
a removal of the git-svn data), and (b) i don't know how long it would take.

I'm inclined to lean toward (2), despite the extra time it might take to
do it right, but i would love to hear some alternate proposals or
perspectives about what matters here.

Also: are there any strong objections to using git for the packaging repo?


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