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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] Erroneous reversal of patches in ttf-tuffy_20071106-2

Quoting Fabian Greffrath (fabian@greffrath.com):
> Dear bubulle,
> I have just discovered that ttf-tuffy_20071106-2 in current sid and
> squeeze contains a debian/patches/debian-changes-20071106-2 that
> erroneously reverts the actual
> debian/patches/01-spurious-langnames.patch. I don't know how this
> could stay uncovered for such a long time after the upload of this
> revision (nearly one year), but I do not use this font myself and
> just found it out. the error slipped in during the 1.1 upstream
> release and nearly renders the font unusable, i.e. the italic and
> regular flavours cannot be distinguished from each other.
> I am directly contacting you, since you did the conversion to "3.0
> (quilt)" source format and uploaded the package and I am CC'ing the
> whole team in case this has also happened to other (patched) font
> packages as well.
> Please consider re-uploading this package ASAP without this bogus
> patch, this is clearly targetted at the release.

ACK, but why not report this as an RC bug?

This is quite probably a mistake of mine during a big batch of work on
many font packages (and at a time where I was learning things about
3.0 source format), so I will of course fix it.

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