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[Pkg-fonts-devel] Erroneous reversal of patches in ttf-tuffy_20071106-2

Dear bubulle,

I have just discovered that ttf-tuffy_20071106-2 in current sid and squeeze contains a debian/patches/debian-changes-20071106-2 that erroneously reverts the actual debian/patches/01-spurious-langnames.patch. I don't know how this could stay uncovered for such a long time after the upload of this revision (nearly one year), but I do not use this font myself and just found it out. the error slipped in during the 1.1 upstream release and nearly renders the font unusable, i.e. the italic and regular flavours cannot be distinguished from each other.

I am directly contacting you, since you did the conversion to "3.0 (quilt)" source format and uploaded the package and I am CC'ing the whole team in case this has also happened to other (patched) font packages as well.

Please consider re-uploading this package ASAP without this bogus patch, this is clearly targetted at the release.

 - Fabian

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