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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] Fresh released GPL fonts

Paul Wise wrote:
Could you also ask him to add the font exception?

It's done, I didn't consider that when first talking with him, but it's changed now. <http://cyberstalker.dk/v5fonts.zip>
I would suggest that you're the best person to do that since you seem
to be interested in these fonts and Debian.
Okay, to be frank, I wont be doing that, as things look right now, I'm busy with my own project, and the process of making an acceptable debian package is non-trivial, I don't expect anyone to jump forward and scream "let me do it", and if no one does
it, it's okay with me, I just wanted to inform you, in case someone is :)

The fonts have been repackaged with the exception notice, and can be obtained from

Best regards

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