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Re: Mason Error

On Sat, 2016-05-28 at 00:54 +0200, Rodary Jacques wrote:
> Le dimanche 22 mai 2016, 10:12:52 Pascal Hambourg a écrit :
> > Ralph Sanchez a écrit :
> > > Mason is telling me my kernel doesnt support IPtable, Ipchains or
> the
> > > third option...iptables is installed. Kernel version 3.16.?? (i

> > > forget).
> > 
> > Linux 2.6 and above does not support ipchains and ipfwadm.
> > What does "iptables -L" report ?
> Sorry to tell you , it is a stupid answer. He tells you he can't run
> iptables

That's not what he said. There's also no reason to characterise other
poster's responses as "stupid".

> and you suggest to ask iptables to list the rules it uses! Now what
> (who?) is Mason is perhaps the first question to ask.

It's clearly "what", not "who", given that the original post included
the output of "sudo mason". A tiny amount of research would go a long

adam@jacala:~$ apt-cache search mason firewall
mason - Interactively creates a Linux packet filtering firewall



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