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Re: Ethernet with no IP address

On 2013-07-10T09:21:13-0500, Eric Barnes <eric@barnestormertechnologies.com> wrote:
> Man - thanks so much for all the answers so quickly.  Without going into
> boring detail....I have a client that has a patent on a network security
> device that he now wants me to build a prototype for.  Part of the patent
> states that the device is 'invisible' to the Internet because it has no
> configured IP ports.  It is supposed to sit INLINE in the network somewhere
> (say between router and single PC) and filter/block packets that come
> through it to the destination PC or vica-versa.  It's kinda like a bridge
> (only with logic processing during the bridge operation).  If we address the
> ports, then I depart from the patent and I have no idea what is allowed from
> a legal standpoint in doing something like this.  As a high level
> application programmer (mostly Java for the past 15 years), I find myself
> woefully short on the knowledge/experience to accomplish such a task.

Sounds exactly like what Bro, Snort, and similar systems do.

Kenyon Ralph

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