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Re: Hardware recommendations for a Debian version of IPCop

On 12/07/11 19:46, Jonathan Plews wrote:
> Quoting Scott Ferguson <prettyfly.productions@gmail.com>:
>> I'd like to build a pure(-ish) Debian (stable) firewall/router that
>> duplicates much of the functionality of IPCop:-
> http://linux.voyage.hk/

Interesting (another derivative I didn't know about) - kind of takes the
fun out of it though, and I'd rather stick with Squeeze, I'm comfortable
stripping that down to Emdebian Grip size (using equivs it strips down
to Crush size, but that ruins the desired web interface), and I'm cheap
(and lazy)  :-)

> ...
>> NOTES: I'm after reliability so scratch FitPC and other mini-toasters,
> http://www.pcengines.ch/alix.htm

The alix2d13 looks likely - might even be Coreboot supported. :-)

> http://soekris.com/products.html

I've bookmarked it - thanks. With 40C to -6C temperatures in the home
office - my boxen live naked, keeps the cleaning to a minimum too ;-p

> Voyage has not caused me any problems so far, I used a fairly large
> compact flash card, 

I currently run a very large cache of apt packages from Squeeze and
Wheezy, plus Microsoft updates for XP and later, Adobe fixes and various
antivirus updates (hence the UpdateAccellerator mention). That currently
sits on a standalone HDD with the main OS loaded from a USBkey - but I
could just NFS mount that.
I'd like to minimise the power usage - but it's not critical,
reliability is.

> which paid off because I was able to compile
> compat-wireless directly on the system post install when the wireless
> wasn't working optimally. I have only used ALIX baords, and not many of
> them, but no problems so far.

Ouch - I lack your patience for compiling on the destination platform.
The board looks much better made than the FitPC.

> Hope that is of interest

It is.

> Regards
> Jon

The Alix appears to fit the bill - not sure if it'll have enough grunt
for the task but if it doesn't I'm sure I'll find something else to use
it for.
I'd previously had a very unsatisfactory experience with a FitPC - VOIP
just carks it when the network is making cache demands and Snort is busy
- and VPN is not real tolerant of a flat out CPU. The FitPC lasted 3
months - and the design didn't lend itself to easy fan cooling so I
doubt it'd survived through a Canberra summer.

Cheers, thanks for your research and tips.

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