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Re: libipt_ROUTE.so missing in package xtables-addons-common in squeeze

On 06.07.2011 18:10, Martin Steele wrote:

I need to use the --tee function in iptables that comes with the ROUTE
module in order to clone copies of incoming packets and copy to another
host, but it seems that the functionality is missing from the iptables
(v. 1.4.8-3) and xtables-addons-common (v. 1.26-2+b1) packages that are
currently available with squeeze. The required library libipt_ROUTE.so
does not appear in /lib/xtables with all other addons libraries. Is this
a known issue or an oversight? Is there any way of including it without
having to build a tainted kernel?


do you have xt_TEE.ko?
ROUTE was broken and duplicating iproute functionality afaik. and the tee option got it's own target in xtables addons called 'TEE'.

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