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Re: libipt_ROUTE.so missing in package xtables-addons-common in squeeze


Martin Steele a écrit :
> I need to use the --tee function in iptables that comes with the ROUTE
> module in order to clone copies of incoming packets and copy to another
> host, but it seems that the functionality is missing from the iptables
> (v. 1.4.8-3) and xtables-addons-common (v. 1.26-2+b1) packages that are
> currently available with squeeze. The required library libipt_ROUTE.so
> does not appear in /lib/xtables with all other addons libraries. Is this
> a known issue or an oversight? Is there any way of including it without
> having to build a tainted kernel?

The ROUTE target has been deprecated for ages, and its --tee option now
exists as a separate TEE target.

However it seems that something nasty happened in Squeeze.
The support for TEE in xtables-addons-common 1.26-2 was removed due to a
conflict with iptables 1.4.9-1 which also provides supports for TEE. See
Debian bug #592237 for details. But the version of iptables included in
Squeeze is 1.4.8-3, which has no support for TEE. The outcome is that
neither iptables nor xtables-addons-common provide support for TEE in

Anyway, that's just for the userland part. You would still need to build
the extension module for the kernel from the xtables-addons-source
package. It appears that this package includes the source file
libxt_TEE.c for the missing userland TEE library, so you might be able
to build it too.

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