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Re: iptables

You DHCP server must tell your clients which one is the gateway (your debian6 machine must be it)
You will also need a DNS server and make your dhcp inform this to clients as well.

have you done NAT rules? You will need a MASQUERADE one.

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2011/6/22 Manu <manuliste@manu-dpk.net>
I'm French, I'm sorry for my bad english.
I'm a beginner debian user.
In my home network, I have a linux machine with debian6.
My debian has to do dhcp server with isc-server.
I have 2 network card, eth0 = public Ip (adsl modem)
eth1 = lan.
My dhcp server runs.
But I can't connect to internet with pc's.
Description :
network  :
mask :
Windows server:
Linux server (Debian6) : (DHCP a    nd gateway to wan)
Accesspoint Wifi :
NAS server :
laptop :
IP phone :,,
I can connect to lan machines but not to wan.
cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward is 1
What are routes I have to create with route command ?
How can I routed 80 port to  with iptables ?
thank you for your help !


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