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Re: Modify one PTR in existing bind9 setup?

Jean-Daniel FISCHER a écrit :
>  This is a crappy solution but you could try to add hardcoded routes 
> for these two IPs that send the traffic back toward your NTP server 
> into your router. At the same time you could told to your NTP server to 
> consider this two IPs as alias.

It's a smart idea.

> Le mercredi 22 juin 2011 20:01:18, Michelle Konzack a écrit :
>>>> I have a hardware DSL/GSM Router where I can not change the setings  for
>>>> the 2 NTP servers, because they are hardcoded.
>>> Hardcoded by IP address or host name ?
>> In my<dns1.private>  I see my hardware router querying for  the  PTR  of
>> the two IP-Addresses.

>>> You can setup a reverse zone for a single address/PTR record. But what's
>>> the point ?
>> I need a possibility to catch and forward two, from me uncontrolled IPs,
>> to my NTP server.

If the NTP servers are hardcoded by IP address, I can't see how mangling
the reverse PTR record could help. Reverse PTR records are mostly only

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