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Re: Modify one PTR in existing bind9 setup?


Michelle Konzack a écrit :
> I have a hardware DSL/GSM Router where I can not change the setings  for
> the 2 NTP servers, because they are hardcoded.

Hardcoded by IP address or host name ?

> All I can do is to change the two NameServers to my <dns1> and <dns2> or
> my internal <dns.private> server where I could setup IPT.

What's IPT ? iptables ?

> Now seting up PTR zones where those NTPs resides does not work,  because
> all other IPs would not more have a working PTR record.

You can setup a reverse zone for a single address/PTR record. But what's
the point ?

> So, my question is:
> How can I capture the two hardcoded IPs  from  the  DSL/GSM  Router  and
> redirect it to my own NTP-Server?

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