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Re: controlling p2p & bittorrent

Tim Clewlow wrote at 2010-07-25 11:32 -0500:
> > Does anyone have a shaping setup that tries to be fair where p2p is
> > concerned, with miminal/no ingress shaping?
> I use priority base queuing on outgoing connections. dont use any
> kind of bandwidth limiting on incoming as I dont see how that would
> really do anything. I use pf as my firewall on a bsd box, but the
> proiritisations would be the same for any firewall. It works for me,
> I used to have a similar problem with p2p hogging all the outgoing
> bandwidth, now I dont, and p2p still runs fine.
> The following is taken from my firewall rules, the higher numbered
> priorities *always* get put ahead of lower priorities.
> queue ssh   on $ext_if priority 15 priq
> queue dns   on $ext_if priority 10 priq
> queue http  on $ext_if priority 5  priq
> queue other on $ext_if priority 3  priq
> queue hogs  on $ext_if priority 1  priq (default)

Thanks; I will try a setup more like this.  I think I already tried a 
significantly lower priority (hfsc linkshare) for the host running bittorrent 
but it did not help.  Anyway I will work with it some more.

Also I suppose that egress shaping differs between ISPs and this problem might 
come and go between providers.

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