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controlling p2p & bittorrent

I am setting up a gateway server/router and am working on traffic shaping 
setup.  I had things working fairly well, but then I started a bittorrent 
download of a debian iso and it totally killed other downloads.  (This shaping 
stuff is nightmarish.)  I am doing egress shaping with hfsc.  Are there any 
solution suggestions that do not require non-Debian software?

Here is what I am using now (plus a few recent changes):

It seems to be nearly impossible to detect p2p connections... but what about 
using iptable's recent module to detect many connections with large packets 
to/from a specific host?  Then, if necessary, I could just rate-limit on 
ingress (local interfaces).

Does anyone have a shaping setup that tries to be fair where p2p is concerned, 
with miminal/no ingress shaping?


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