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Re: tcng

sasha wrote at 2010-03-15 14:35 -0500:
> Hi, I went through the exact same question a few times ago when I started
> studying the TC implementation.  All the material is old but, the thing is,
> it didn't exactly move for years since the algorithms are satisfying enough
> for most needs.

So it's close enough to perfect that it just remains the same?  That's an 
interesting thought.

> LARTC is a good source
> Traffic-Control-HOWTO

Yeah, I've been using those.

> the sources codes of the kernel (net/sched) are the best information sources

Well, I suppose I could dig around in the kernel sources I have here...

> the manpages of iproute2

Yeah, I've used those also.

> Now, tcng... I don't know what to say, I never personnally used it,
> neither got the need for it. I suppose not a lot of people use it.
> If you have implementation questions, the best place is the netdev mailing
> list.

Thanks.  For now I am using tc in a script.  I like the idea behind tcng but I 
am not very familiar with C so the syntax is uncomfortable to me.

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