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Re: Router does not more work under Lenny

On Fri, 24 Apr 2009, Michelle Konzack wrote:

> Hello,
> in my office and @customers I have installed a router which hold in  the
> same time there webpages and other public stuff.  This was working since
> Slink.
> Now with Lenny it is gone...
> The Web/FTP-Site, SSH and imap is working properly, but no one from  the
> internal network can access the Internet.
> So, we have had a problem in Kehl with my 100 MBit Backbone  (the  house
> burned down) I am provisory on a 2.2 Mbit Cable Modem to  which  I  have
> connected  my  Quad-Xeon  which  hold  currently  23 Domains  with  over
> 120 VHosts.  Put a second NIC in it, and booted "Production 1" which  is
> my old Etch system and it works perfectly.
> Now I have bootstraped Lenny  into  "Production 2"  installed  Lilo  and
> rebooted...  and can not more access the internet from my workstation..

Hi Michelle,

Which kernel version(s) are you running, what kernel modules are loaded and what does your iptables configuration look like?

BTW: Why do you install a server/gateway wit German language settings?


Achim Dreyer                || http://www.adreyer.com/
Senior Unix & Network Admin || RHCE, RHCA, CCSA, CCSE, CCNA

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