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Re: Internet stops working right after startup


Does the output of ifconfig and route -n change after you take down eth0 and bring it up again?
also how are you taking it down and bring it up again?

dmesg will show you if for some reason you lost your link

Frank Razenberg wrote:

I've attached the logs Mark asked for. I removed all iptables rules but the ones to allow ip masquerading. The problem still persists. I can ping the internal hosts just fine though. The only thing that seems to solve this is to bring down eth0 and bring it up again. Are there any logs I can read to help identify this problem?


Ajitabh Pandey wrote:

2009/1/21 Frank Razenberg <frank@zzattack.org <mailto:frank@zzattack.org>>

    Hi Ajitabh,

    I attached the information you asked. Apologies for the mail I
    just sent to your address instead of to the mailing list.


Thanks for the info. Although this has nothing to do with your problem, but check your config of the INPUT chain. All incoming connections are allowed. Also, to rule out the firewall completely, just drop your firewall for the testing and see whether you have problems.

Also when this problem happens, can your internal hosts ping the Debian machine or connect to it?

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