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Re: Web Admin smoothwall style

Adam McGreggor wrote:
On Fri, May 16, 2008 at 07:13:12PM +0800, Bob wrote:
I used to run a debian firewall at home and at a couple of remote locations but the problem is non technical users really need to be able to do things like up date the software and shutdown the firewall without having to ssh in.

cron-apt for the updates?
As for shutting-down, how about a script for users to run?

Is there a project to make a pretty admin interface for a debian firewall?

The New Kid on the Block, seems to be Ebox (http://ebox-platform.com/):
It seems to be quite nice, imo, although let-down on its MTA side for
not using Exim.

Possibly worth having a look at.

Well worth it, it looks great. Although as with all these things it's trying to do too much, I'd never run samba on a firewall, it looks like you can disable stuff. There are no official Debian packages, even in Sid, and I think their packages are for sarge and Ubuntu Hardy.


I wonder if this might make in into lenny? Do you know if anyone's working on it?

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