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Re: Web Admin smoothwall style

Steven Piercy wrote:
I don't know about how "pretty" it is, but I've tossed a copy of Webmin on my debian box. I've been playing with the Shorewall package as well, and Webmin does have a module for Shorewall. If you have non-cli type users, Webmin plays well into that. All they need to do is type in the URL and you can give them whatever level access you want.

Thanks to all those who have suggested shorewall and webmin, shorewall is what I use at the moment but I've been reluctant to try webmin, the debian package got pulled after sarge as it was poorly maintained and I don't like having any nonstandard apt-sources on firewalls and internet facing servers.

Also it seems the webmin-maintainers mail list (CCd) has died and there's no momentum for getting a version back in sid.

All very sad as it looks perfect, any other suggestions?

Sometimes though, I wonder if I'm the only one that misses fwadm. Guess I just need to get with the times.


Bob wrote:
I used to run a debian firewall at home and at a couple of remote locations but the problem is non technical users really need to be able to do things like up date the software and shutdown the firewall without having to ssh in.

Is there a project to make a pretty admin interface for a debian firewall?


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