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Re: Help me setup AntiSpam filter

Bogdan Marian wrote:

I need your advice people! I need to setup an AntiSpam filter on an older version of Postfix, on Debian Sarge. I would go to Etch, but i can't risk it for the moment, as the server I'm referring to is very important and can't be brought down right now by my tests ( the machine acts as a: router, webserver, mail server and dns server, so you get my point...). Any suggestions, and links, and opinions will be greatly appreciated! Please guide me to an AntiSpam program!

# apt-get install amavisd-new spamassassin
# zless /usr/share/doc/amavisd-new/README.postfix.gz

This document includes basic testing procedures, most of which can be executed without affecting normal operation of your server.

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