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Re: Port 80 Open

On Sat, Oct 27, 2007 at 04:43:28PM -0600, Telly Williams wrote:
> 	ports to see what's wrong with it.  Only port 80 comes up as
> 	open, and, apparently, is a security violation.

> 	That's chaffing me, because from what I understand, without port
> 	i80 open I'm not able to get on the WWW, so even if you ARE NOT
> 	running a web server, it still needs to be "open".

not at all.

> 	chain checking the tcp packets for syn and state

you want NEW, syn if you want to serve up something on port 80 else ...

> 	ESTABLISHED,RELATED, the packets being dropped if they don't

... you want just these.

> 	Also, I'm running in stealth (not allowing icmp echo replies or

eh, not quite stealth

> 	requests).  Some of my ports (i.e., 25 and 443) are coming up as
> 	closed.  Why are these ports showing up as closed at all?

why should they be open? are you providing SMTP and HTTPS to the outside?

perhaps providing a bit more info would help (eg iptables-save, interfaces)


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