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Port 80 Open


	Maybe I'm not understanding something here.  I ran a check on my
	ports to see what's wrong with it.  Only port 80 comes up as
	open, and, apparently, is a security violation.

	That's chaffing me, because from what I understand, without port
	i80 open I'm not able to get on the WWW, so even if you ARE NOT
	running a web server, it still needs to be "open".

	Anything that comes into port 80 on my host automatically hits a
	chain checking the tcp packets for syn and state
	ESTABLISHED,RELATED, the packets being dropped if they don't
	have those.  How can this still be a security violation?

	Also, I'm running in stealth (not allowing icmp echo replies or
	requests).  Some of my ports (i.e., 25 and 443) are coming up as
	closed.  Why are these ports showing up as closed at all?

Telly Williams
"Knowledge Is Power"

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